FreeRun Treadmills

FreeRun Treadmills

FreeRun Treadmills

The most natural run yet – our curved running machines offer the most realistic performance of any other treadmill. FreeRun treadmills are the future of running, with unlimited speed, experience your most intense cardio workout yet.

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FreeRun Curved Treadmills

Experience the ultimate freedom to control your own pace when running or walking. High intensity workout with our FreeRun treadmills. Unlimited speed allows you to push yourself and train harder with adjustable resistance. A triathlon training regime and HIIT training would benefit from this natural running treadmill in your home gym.

Our completely self-powered Corsair FreeRun treadmills give you the freedom to walk, jog, or run on the unique 15 degree curved treadmill where you’re the motor. Our specially designed commercial grade curved running slat belt is built to last, with a rubber surface for great grip and a steel plate for durability.